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{{Fad Infobox 2|name=Ear Rape
|exampletitle=The 3500 Hz Square Wave
|title1=Not a 3500 Hz square wave
|title2=Metal Gear 3500hz Square Wave
|title3= Another non-3500Hz square wave site
|title4=You're the 3500Hz square wave now dog
|title5=3500MHz square wave?
An '''"Ear Rape"''' YTMND is one that is usually created solely for the purpose of annoying or causing pain to the viewer using loud and/or high pitched noises. The most common type of these sites use a square wave to create a high pitched whine and suffering.
These sites are NOT to be confused with [[Poland]] and [[KHANTMND]] sites, which use high volume but have quite different intentions.
Ear rape is generally done over ytmnd ventrilo, however it will earn you a ban (unless you are a senior user). There is quite a few popular sounds used for ear rape, generally because people are too lazy to make new ear rape sound clips. Blue noise is often used.
Some people use this as a method to [[troll]] on the YTMND vent, however this is generally ineffective due to moderators being on most of the time.
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