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Original YTMND:
My 2012 Site  
by Funny-Internet-User 
March 3rd, 2009  
Worthy spinoffs:

Discofinger was a YTMND contest in March of 2009. Discofinger sites usually involve images of people pointing in a similar manner to Tony Manero (John Travolta's character in Saturday Night Fever), set to disco or other similar music.

Discofinger as an Internet fad started in February of 2007, on the blog site Discofinger.com [1]. Discofinger.com was started with the intention of documenting the dance move known as "discofinger." The site claims to "celebrate those who inherently use their fingers while dancing." [2]

The first entry to the contest, "My 2012 Site" by Funny-Internet-User, did not follow the Discofinger format. The first entry to set the format was the Polend site "Polendfinger" by the infamous DarthWang.

The contest was popular, garnering an astounding 103 entries over a period of five days. It is unknown at this time if user money-hat, who created the winning discofinger YTMND The Disco of Solitude (edit-discoball, bitches), received the promised date with Max's sister.

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