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Dickcream.com was a domain name registered by Max Goldberg in 2003. Sean, a friend of Goldberg, had suggested that 'dickcream' would be an amusing name for a domain name before his untimely passing in January, 2004. Goldberg decided that the site should be put to use in memoriam of Sean, but was unable to devise appropriate content to the site.

Although continuing to host the site, Goldberg passed control of the domain to sodae in early 2004. This infamous moment was caught by logging technology available at the time, and displayed here for posterity.

{macks} ill give you access to a domain
{macks} i dont have anything for dickcream.com
{sodae} sweat [sic]
{sodae} ill just keep making lame flash loops and animated gifs
{sodae} they're so rofleriffic

Sodae, in February of 2004, began posting flash animations accompanied by loops of music. Many consider these rudimentary sites to be the precursors to 'YTMNDs' as we now know them.

Influence on YTMND

Many YTMND users were influenced by the earlier site, as can be seen in sites that veered away from the original 'tiling and text' style of early YTMNDs, which were modeled after the original yourethemannowdog.com. One of the more famous examples would be the Batman: ualuealuealeuale site which is in the YTMND Hall of Fame.

Additionally, when sodae took down dickcream.com in the summer of 2005, it spawned a YTMND backlash, where users created sites that mourned its closing bearing text such as, "the Internet isn't the same without you."

Popular Dickcream Sites

dickcream b-boy battle 2000
SNL in the club
Eels out the ass
Guess who's back in the house: I GIVES A FUCK
Popeye's girl

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