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The Dew Army, or Dew fad is a word, short phrase, or line taken out of the context of a song, looped, and presented with text and image representation which have another meaning entirely. The humor comes from the disparity between the image and what it represents, and the song loop and its context.

Dew got its name from the DEW!!!! YTMND. It is similar to the interpretation fad but does not require a full listening of an long sound clip. The announcement of the Dew Army contest started a new wave of creations with an accompanying guidelines site imitating a black-and-white newsreel.


There are three categories of Dew Army site:

Direct Style

One or two words are presented in text which are homophones with the 'misheard' or 'misinterpreted' word, and tie in with the image. To use a well known example, one might take the line 'There's a bad moon on the rise' from the chorus of CCR's 'Bad Moon Rising', include behind it a picture of a hallway with a bathroom, and set the text as 'bathroom on the right'. Examples:

Contextual Style

The phrase is presented in text as sung, but humor comes from the wide gulf between the contexts of the image and the sung phrase. Examples:

Rebus Style

This style uses an entire line from a song, either a non-English language song or a rock song where the words are sung so forcefully they're unclear. As in the direct style, the text renders the misinterpretation - however the image is a contrived assembly of objects which visually spell out the phrase. Examples:


Any style of music may be used. In the case of the Dew site using misinterpreted words, the words can be heard in different ways because they are not enunciated clearly by the singer or are masked by loud music.


With any Dew site, the preference is for everyday mundane objects, as opposed to artwork, celebrities, pop culture icons, etc.


When a Dew site is well executed, the humor is fairly instantaneous and gets a very positive response. However, many site creators take too literal of an approach and simply attatch an image of exactly what the phrase is talking about, and these sites are not judged favorably.


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The Dew Army contest, coordinated by MasterSitsu, has far surpassed other YTMND contests in terms of participation. Entries will be judged by a secret panel of YTMND users. The deadline is midnight, March 13th, 2006. Runners-up were be announced in stages leading up to the announcement of the winner. There may be trinkets and baubles offered as prizes, but the ultimate prize will be the prestige, the massive bragging rights, the white-hot burning envy of all other YTMND users. The top entrants' songs were featured as a special "bonus disc" for YTMND Soundtrack Volume 10.

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