Dennal Plan

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Dennal Plan
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Original YTMND:
dental plan!
by Glue
April 27, 2004
Worthy Spinoffs:

Dennal Plan is a fad consisting of sound clips from the Fox television show The Simpsons, often sporting the head of Simpsons character Lenny poorly photoshopped onto the body of someone. The most common clips used from the show include:

  • Lenny or sometimes Carl saying "Dental plan!" and/or "So long dental plan" slurred slightly so it sounds moreso like "Dennal plan!"
  • A Spanish clip of Lenny saying "Adios Plen Dental"
  • Homer saying "I was buying pornography!"
  • Homer saying "Yep. Getting drunk at the old flowershop!"
  • Marge saying "Lisa needs braces"

Originally dennal plan did not catch on as a fad. YTMND users CreepPipe, BTape, Kayne, and Father-MacKenzie popularized the fad one year after the first dennal plan ytmnd. Often the quotes from the Simpsons episode are remixed into music.

CreepPipe released the updated Dennal Plan Toolkit to the public on April 29th 2007.