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{{Site Infobox|name=CUPPYCAKE GUMDROPS
|creationDate=April 23, 2004
|soundOrigin=Amy Castle
CUPPYCAKE GUMDROPS was one of the first YTMNDs, created by [[Max Goldberg]], the originator of YTMND. The site is notable in that it is one of the few sites that Goldberg has publicly created, and it gives YTMND users insight into the 'softer side' of Goldberg.
CUPPYCAKE GUMDROPS features the song "You're My Honeybunch (The Cuppycake Song)," long considered to be one of the Internet's most annoying musical interludes. 'Cuppycakes,' as the song is often referred to, was recorded by Amy Castle, then 3, and her parents Buddy and Judianna Castle. The song can be found on the album titled simply, 'Balloons.'
The image is a character from a Japanese children's book by Hirose Takuro. The character, named Nekopan, but more commonly referred to as 'kittyloaf' resembles a cross between a small cat and a loaf of bread.
CUPPYCAKE GUMDROPS has received over 1 million pageviews as of June 24, 2006. The site has spawned dozens of [http://ytmnd.com/list/?search=cuppycake imitators], most notably, '[http://cuppycakeisevil.ytmnd.com/ CUPPYCAKE in reverse].'
==External Links==
[http://ytmnd.com/assets/c176bfd119e3e4482d3df34d5ebc49f2 list]
[http://cuppycake.com/ The Official Castle Family Cuppycake site]<BR>
[http://cdbaby.com/cd/buddycastle Balloons album on CDBaby]<BR>
[http://cuppycake.com/cuplyric.html Cuppycake Lyrics]<BR>
[http://fan.i-like-fire.net/cuppycake/about.html The Cuppycake Song Fanlisting]<BR>
[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1188868/ Amy Castle on IMDB]<BR>
[http://kanikuma.com/index.html Hirose Takuro's site]
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