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Cthulhu138's cake craze

a typical Cthulhu138 YTMND creation

You know that I love cake!


YTMND user Cthulhu138 is responsible for creating hundreds of "You know that I love cake!" sites, all of which consist of a tiled picture of a Black Forest cake from Lax & Mandel Kosher Bakery, a looped mp3 clip from the song "Cooking by the Book" from LazyTown, in which the singer (Stephanie) exclaims "You know that I love cake!" and a string of amusing text. Cthulhu138 is also known to create racist cake sites and sometimes makes mysterious references to the GNAA. As of July 10, Cthulhu138 is still making new and uninteresting cake-sites. Cthulhu138 has spawned a cult of followers and several fan sites have been created in his honor.