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{{Site Infobox|name=Cosby Bebop
|creationDate=May 5, 2006
|soundOrigin=Cowboy Bebop 'Tank!' + Simpsons + Family Guy
'''Cosby Bebop''' is a YTMND created by SirLemming on May 5th, 2006. The YTMND is based on Cowboy Bebop's opening sequence, but instead of pictures of the original characters, silhouettes of [[Bill Cosby]] have taken their place. The background music is a remixed version of the original "Tank!", in which clips of Cosby's voice have been superimposed onto the song.
Cosby Bebop gained [[Hall of Fame]] status on August 4th, 2006.
On August 6, 2006 Cosby Bebop became the most voted on site ever on YTMND, surpassing Safety Not Guaranteed. It then went on to be the first YTMND to break 10,000 votes on August 15th, 2006.
Cosby Bebop is considered by many to be one of the most technically brilliant ytmnds created. {{ytmnduser|Earthbounder}}, creator of the 2nd highest viewed YTMND, [[Blue Ball Machine]], believes this to be the greatest YTMND ever.
As of September 27, 2006 it has earned $46.80 in sponsorship, 696,428 views, 2776 favorites, and 10,867 votes.
[[Category:Hall of Fame]]

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