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A '''conglomerate''' site is a [[YTMND]] that incorprates elements of well more than two other well-known [[fads|Fads]] or famous YTMNDs. Conglomerate sites go beyond merely parodying one or two other sites or fads by including many references from most of YTMND's most famous fads and memes, usually connecting them to a common theme.
Among the first fad conglomerates was "ear rape" site [http://endofworld.ytmnd.com/ End of the World] by DaltonOfZeal2. When this YTMND was made in May of 2004, most fad mixing was in simple mashups rather than large combinations. In an ironic twist, DaltonOfZeal2 has become one of the most outspoken opponents of fad conglomerate sites.
==The Debate over Conglomerate Sites==
The term "conglomerate" is often used as a pejorative term by some users against sites they claim subsitute humor, cleverness, and originality with YTMND in-jokes as a cheap shot to get a well rated site, while others use the term to describe any site with multiple references with neither positive or negative implications.
The central argument for or against conglomorate sites is based upon perception.  YTMND users can be stratified into five major categories: [[Downvoter|Downvoters]], Originalists, Moderates, Free-Artists, and [[NARV|NARVs]]. 
Detractors of conglomerate sites (Downvoters and Originalists) often point out that after a popular YTMND receives its fifteen minutes of fame, it rarely generates many parodies and develop into fads. Furthermore, it is argued that since most fad conglomorates done competently end up highly rated, it encourages users to use their creative juices toward even more of them rather than coming up with original ideas or developing new fads.
Other users (Moderates and Free-Artists) have argued that conglomerates are no different than any other site, where there is as much a possibility for cleverness and quality as there is mediocrity, and that many members of the [[Hall of Fame]] are well-made sites that deserve all praise they receive. Conglomerates are also one of the many sub-cultures in the YTMND world, which adds to its richness and depth of character.  While the mileage of conglomerate sites are sometimes brought into question, conglomerates have allowed many songs to be incorporated into the [[YTMND Soundtrack]]. (It is arguable that the soundtrack itself is a conglomerate.)
NARV users are interested in popularity, and do not have a perception outside that bubble on any topic concerning YTMND.
==Examples in the Hall of Fame==
* [http://cheerstoyourthemannowdog.ytmnd.com/ Cheers to YTMND]
* [http://ytmndjapan.ytmnd.com/ YTMND.co.jp]
* [http://ytmndgameboy.ytmnd.com/ YTMND: For Gameboy]
* [http://runawayytmnd.ytmnd.com/ Runaway YTMND]
* [http://wizofytmnd.ytmnd.com/ Wizard of YTMND]
* [http://rightnow.ytmnd.com/ Right Now It's YTMND]
==Other notable examples==
* [[Katamari|YTMNDamacy!]]
* [[YTMND Valentines]]
* [[YTMND sings in perfect harmony]]
* [[PTKFGS|YTMND alternate universe (PTKFGS)]]
* [[YTMND Soundtrack|YTMND - The Official Soundtrack]]
* [[YTMND Conference|YTMND Conference 1945]]
* [[Color Me YTMND]]
* [http://twelvefads.ytmnd.com/ The 12 Fads of YTMND (12 Days of Christmas)]
* [http://ytmndsituationroom.ytmnd.com/ YTMND Situation Room]
* [http://abcytmnd.ytmnd.com/ A-B-C's of Y-T-M-N-D]
* [http://mytrip.ytmnd.com/ My Trip to YTMNDland]
* [http://k-12.ytmnd.com k12.ytmnd.us]
* [http://ytmndbooks.ytmnd.com/ YTMND: The Children's Books]
* [http://ytmndinferno.ytmnd.com/ Max's INFERNO!]

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