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This list and its description need improvement.

A comment spammer (a.k.a. gimmick account) is a user on YTMND that usually only votes 1 or 5, and leaves either one or numerous repeating comments of the same thing. The earliest examples of this include VinnyWeapons and sexymofo. Most of them are attention whores who have really pointless or crappy sites. While many users who "spam" comments do so without the intent to annoy, in general a comment spammer's main focus is to either piss people off by downvoting, or help their sites by upvoting and hoping that people will upvote theirs.

Extremely incomplete list of Comment Spammers

# User Activity Comment(s) Voting pattern
01 ddiknad Active (Lots of repeating"█ █ " marks) Fair voter.
02 The-giva Active use to be: COOKIE 4 U ^_^
curently: COOKIE 4 U ☆_☆ outrageous
03 thebigbaka Active this site will be killed Fair voter, rarely gives 1's and 2's.
04 sexymofo (For more information, see the sexymofo article.) Inactive when downvoting: you fail, please try again ^_^
when upvoting: ^_^
Split voter.
05 hawtpanz Active Intense, My vote goes to you v_v *****
06 Flavor-Flav Active YEAH BOYEE! *
07 Hulk-Hogan Inactive Whatcha gonna do brother??! *
08 Qnslaught Active Yo es dinero. (meaning "I is money", literally.)
09 nugget Active F, (along with a rude insult, mostly a death wish). *
10 Bupo Active the balogna is in the nest, the pastrami is recyclable. *****
11 chernobyl86 Inactive отсутствие картошек, отсутствие звезд, which means Hyong absence, the absence of stars Split voter.
12 TheManWithNoFace Active when downvoting or midvoting: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
when upvoting: yob llud a kcaJ sekam yalp on dna krow llA
Votes only odd numbers.
13 Lord1Lonic Banned when downvoting: They call me Cuban Pete. I'm the king of the Rumba beat. When I play the Maracas I go chick chicky boom chick chicky boom chick chicky boom!!!
when upvoting: They call you Cuban Pete. You're the king of the Rumba beat. When you play the Maracas you go chick chicky boom chick chicky boom chick chicky boom!!!
Split voter, although not completely.
14 CHUCKHATER3000 Inactive This ytmnd lacks everything please refrain from making another, instead take this time to go grab the nearest sharp object and bore it into your eye. thank you :) *
15 RuneScape Active ★☆☆☆☆ Fair Voter.
16 genstar/deedeedeer Has promised to stop (multiple times) mostly *****
17 TumbleDry Active Lots of ▒, ▓, and █ streaks. Split Voter.
19 VinnyWeapons Reformed The Robots have taken me. Please send help. Semifair voter.
20 Qffslaught Inactive ¡Me Gusta! (a parody on 'Qnslaught', literally "I is pleased!") *FAV!*
21 Canada Active Coming to intrude American internet. mostly *****
22 McGruff Active TAKE A BITE OUT OF CRIME! relatively fair voter
23 el-communist-voter Inactive In this communist land all votes are equal. No fives, no ones, just threes. (or similar) ***
24 VOTECODER5 Inactive I Loved your site http://(domain of striked site) 5'ed, check out my page when you have time! *****
25 TetrisAnarchist Active It is green. (has several YTMND's concerning the comment) Mostly *****
26 OxeyeDaisy Active (Anything with the phrase "AISU SUTOOOON" in it.) Very fair voter
27 poopiedeloopie Active Mostly *****
28 surfinbrant Active LOST is a student project. The aim of LOST is to show how 7 million people connect to one another, and break the record for the game with the most players ever! ---------------------- httpm Mostly *****
27 Dr-1337 Active Dr-1337 is a flaming homosexual. *
28 Connor Reformed (over and over) Somewhat Fair voter
29 follower Active Completely worthless. Mostly *
30 AntwanDavis Active [As of 2007-02-05] This is really terrible; you should feel bad for making this. Mostly *
31 Afrotech Active (Makes constant comments about Ariel) Fair voter
32 DoctorJuice Active Spicy hot lamby nipple chops with minty pickled sour sauce Fair voter
33 Mutix Low activity Hot dog trolley is on the shotgun. Fair voter
34 themaninthebush Banned *
35 beebeebeer Active (multiple times) *****
36 LUE1337 Active I have sex with dolphins Split voter.
37 blubberbutt Active!! Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka Jaya He Bharat Bhagya Vidhata Punjab Sindh Gujarat Maratha Dravida

Utkala Banga Vindhya Himachal Yamuna Ganga Ucchala Jaladhi Taranga Tubh Shubha Name Jage Tubh Shubha Ashisha Mange Gahe Tubh Jaya Gata Jan Gan Mangaldayak Jay He Bharat Bhagya Vidhata Jaye He ! Jaye He ! Jaye He ! Jaye,Jaye,Jaye,Jaye HeJana Gana Mana Adhinayaka Jaya He Bharat Bhagya Vidhata Punjab Sindh Gujarat Maratha Dravida Utkala Banga Vindhya Himachal Yamuna Ganga Ucchala Jaladhi Taranga

Split voter
37 ChrisHansen Active I'm Chris Hansen, and your going to jail *
38 sulusulusulu Active (multiple times) No votes
39 Antonio Low Activity I/HE (something related to the YTMND with multiple exclamation points) THEN I/HE DIED(with multiple exclamation points) or: I AHTE/HATE (Something related to the YTMND with multiple exclamation points) *****
41 Xiu Banned Excuse me, this ytmnd was stolen from me. Please cite the correct sources, and i'll 5 it. *
42 JamesBondOO7 Active The name's Bond, James Bond. *
43 JoshCube2 Active Excuse me, the content on this site was stolen from the internet. Please refrain from doing this and I will 5 your site. *
44 mister1star Inactive (always a comment with the term "gay666" in it.) *
45 b0rat Active Very Nice! High Five! *****

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