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{{Site Infobox|name=Color Me YTMND
|creationDate=October 10, 2006
|soundOrigin=Cool Ball Re-Re-Remix by AskAak
|imageOrigin=Self-Drawn and Colored by nutnics
'''Color Me YTMND''' is a fad [[conglomerate]] site by {{ytmnduser|nutnics}}. The site shows most of the major fads of YTMND grouped around Sean Connery, who is holding a [[Yiddish Cup]] in the air, with a remix of the Cool Ball theme playing in the background.
*The site originally showcased a [http://img201.imageshack.us/my.php?image=grouplayoutbig2xx3.jpg sketch] {{ytmnduser|nutnics}} created in his spare time, with a loop of the Cool Ball theme playing for the sound. After posting it, he kept telling people who commented negatively that he would be deleting the site in due time, maybe after he hit a certain number of views. However, the positive feedback on the picture was enough to get him to change his mind, and he started inking and coloring the sketch.
*On October 9, 2006 the site received a rating over {{*****}} which was very unusual. The rating went down to a normal {{****}} a few hours later.
*When he finished around the date of November 6, 2006, he changed the music to a remix of the Cool Ball theme.
*A remix is created on November 24th that incorporates virtually all of the fads. [http://mixme.ytmnd.com Mix Me YTMND]
The content of the original image and the finished one don't vary much, but there are some minor changes. Before he showcased the image, he originally had a gravestone with the names of three dead fads/memes, Goatse, [[Michael Moore]], and [[Zaza]], with Kirk Douglas's hand popping out of the ground. He erased it from the sketch as he felt that none of these "fads" were big. The outline of the gravestone/hand is sill evident on the [http://img201.imageshack.us/my.php?image=grouplayoutbig2xx3.jpg original sketch].
As he started coloring, he added [[NEDM|Happycat]] and [[Thwomp]] in the empty space where the gravestone was due to popular demand, and he censored the horsecock by popular demand. However, he changed his mind later and removed the horsedick altogether and put [[It's a Trap!|Ackbar]]'s head in place of it, for reasons unknown. As the coloring moved across the page, he also added [[khan|Captain James T. Kirk]] and [[Lazytown|Stephanie]].
==List of Fads==
Fads included in this [[conglomerate]] are as follows, starting from the top left, and making their way to the bottom right:
*[[PTKFGS|Punch the Keys, For God's Sake!]]
*[[Rejected Megaman Villian]]
*[[Bill Cosby]]
*[[Safety Not Guaranteed]]
*[[YTMND|You're the Man Now, Dog]] / [[Yiddish Cup]]
*[[Chunk is Indestructible]]
*[[King|The King]]
*[[Tom Cruise]]
*[[Barrel Roll]] (Representation inspired by {{ytmnd|foxbarrelroll|Fox McCloud Does a Barrel Roll}})
*[[Darth Vader]] / [[ORLY|O RLY?]]
*[[Chuck Norris]]
*[[Future Conan]]
*[[MySpace Suicide]]
*[[It's a Trap!]]
*[[What is Love!?]] / [[lol, internet]] / [[Nigga stole my bike]]
*[[Katamari]] / [[McFly stole|McFly Stole Future Conan's Butterfinger]]
*[[Facial Expressions]]
*[[eBaum's World]]
*[[Crippled Spiderman]]
*[[Nintendo 64 kid]]
*[[Brian Peppers]]
*[[Blue Ball machine]]
*[[Gay Fuel]]
*[[Cuppycake Gumdrops]]
*[[Sonic Says...]]
*[[Holy crap|Holy Crap, a Meteor!]]
===Fads Removed from Original Concept===
*Dead Fads/Memes
**[[Michael Moore]]

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