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Cat On A Keyboard In Space
Preview image
Creator: napalmnabuco
Created on: September 18, 2006
Sound origin: Jean-Jaques Perrey
Image origin: Space


Cat On A Keyboard In Space or perhaps more accurately catonakeyboardinspace, is a unique ytmnd that made its debut in the fall of 2006. It quickly gained attention due to its perplexing nature and curious subdomain whatyouseewhenyoudie. These combined elements distinguished its significance to users and in some cases even stirring deep philosophical feelings within them.

With the aid of several sponsors, it gained much popularity and recognition in the days following its creation. Today it remains (more or less) an example of an independently successful ytmnd; a testament to the potential of original creativity.

Disputed Status

There is some speculation as to whether or not catonakeyboardinspace is a true fad. Though they are gaining popularity and tend to bring in high ratings, ytmnds featuring the cat, its keyboard, and associated music Jean-Jacques Perrey's Brazilian Flower remain relatively rare. Because of this some users maintain that catonakeyboardinspace remains one-of-a-kind. However, as of March 1st sites featuring coakis have become common enough to consider this a true fad. In fact, one site featuring coakis, Attack of the Dean Fighters, is currently one of the highest rated ytmnds on the whole website.

Spinoff List