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{{iboriginal|buttracinggp|Butt Racing Grand Prix}}
{{ibdate|September 2005|September 19, 2005}}
|title1=Butt Racing Grand Prix 2
|title2=GMan Butt Racing Grand Prix
|title3=Mario Kart's greatest challenge
|title4=Butt Racing GP Mall Edition
|title5=Butt Racing: Hotel Edition
{{ibt|Used Music}}
{{ibm|Marko Polo|[http://ytmnd.com/assets/8a66fab9c0c119f6a3625396afab5af9 Speedy Speed Boy]}}
'''Butt Racing Grand Prix''' is a YTMND by user {{YTMND profile 2|joshawow|joshawow}} created on August 19, 2005, and is the original inspiration for the short-lived ''butt-racing'' fad.
The ''butt-racing'' fad typically uses [[w:en:Stop_motion|stop motion]] animation to simulate one or more people racing while sitting on their butts.  The sound most commonly used with the fad is ''Speedy Speed Boy'', by Marco Polo, which is from the ''Initial D'' soundtrack.

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