Brick Killed

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Brick Killed
Preview image
Original YTMND:
Brick Killed a Guy
by Ozone31
Aug 11, 2005
Worthy Spinoffs:
Used Music:

Brick Killed is a series of YTMNDs created by Ozone31 featuring a scene from the film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy in which Brick Tamland (played by Steve Carell) throws a trident into the heart of another newscaster who is riding a horse during a "vicious cockfight" among all the news anchors from the different television stations. Brick always end with his trademark smile.

There are currently currently 10 official entries into the series, but there are several unofficial sites made by both Ozone31 and tributes by other fellow YTMND members.

The Official Set

I: Brick Killed a Guy

The original site was created August 11, 2005. It contains the unaltered clip of Brick Tamland throwing the trident through the heart of the man on a horse. The sound clip is a crude loop of American Idiot by Green Day. The image in this site, as well as the next two, are larger than the latter versions, which were scaled down.

II: Brick Killed Dumbledore

This site originated in the YTMND Forums when Ozone31 posted in the Site Requests subforum and he asked if he should make a spinoff of the original site. One member jokingly posted "Brick Killed Dumbledore" and Ozone31 actually went on to make that very site. It received good reviews, which caused him to continue the series thereafter.

The site was created August 14, 2005. It contains the same basic picture and sound from the original, but has Dumbledore's head placed over the one of the "Guy" with cartoon-esque reactions drawn on as he is hit. A clip of Ron Burgundy is placed over the music. He says "I saw that! Brick killed a guy!" with the word "guy" is replaced by "Dumbledore" from the Spoiler fad.

III: Brick Killed the Meatloaf

Instead of an existing fad, the third installment takes from another movie, Wedding Crashers. Near the end of the film, Will Ferrell makes an appearance as Chaz. He yells at his mother to get the meatloaf for him and his guest. He yells the now famous line: "MOM! THE MEATLOAF! ...FUCK!"

The site was created August 14, 2005. It follows the same formula as the second, placing a piece of meatloaf over the face of the "Guy" and has the same cartoon-esque impressions. Instead of "Dumbledore" being dubbed over "a guy", part of Chaz's quote is placed there: "THE MEATLOAF! ...FUCK!" Will Ferrell plays both Ron Burgundy and Chaz, which adds to the humor of the audio clip.

IV: Brick Killed a Cowboy

The forth site sparked an entirely different fad, the 1920's. The "Brick Killed" series was originally to be a trilogy, but this site was created after Ozone31 became inspired by seeing an old comedy film from the 1920's. It was created August 18, 2005.

Unlike the original three, this site's picture is scaled down. This new size is used in all the preceding sites. It is modified to sepia tone with scratchy lines, dust, and noise added to create the effect to look like aged silent films. Brick is given a top hat and curly mustache, while the head of the "Guy" is replaced with that of a generic cowboy. The song playing is Cheer Up, Smile, Nertz from the movie Cinderella Man.

V: Brick Killed a Raver

The fifth installment takes from the Rave fad. The only absent item are the glow sticks. The site was created August 17, 2005.

The actual image file includes four pictures of Brick throwing the trident from the original site, but with different color patterns in each of them that changes with each frame. When tiled, different shapes and patterns appear on the site. The song being used is Sandstorm by Darude.

VI: Brick Killed a Tiger Handheld

The sixth installment mixes the Brick Killed series with the Tiger Handheld fad. This may have been the most difficult site to create, as all of the frames are original drawings, not just frames taken from the previous sites. It is not a perfect transition, but it was the best that could be done with the material. The site was created August 19, 2005.

The sound goes back to the origins of the series and is an electronic midi of Green Day's American Idiot. You can also note that if the game was real, the only way to score points is to use Brick's classic smile after the kill.

VII: Brick Killed Love

The seventh installment makes use of the What is Love fad. It was inspired by What is 88 mph?. A fun fact about this site is Ozone31 actually thought up the exact quotes to be used and where they would fit in the sound clip without even referring to the movie or the song file. Surprisingly, when he went to put it together, everything fit perfectly.

You never see the full car in the scene the image comes from in Anchorman. It is actually one half of the car flipped and edited on the left side. Brick and the "Guy" are from the original scene used in the series. The site was created October 15, 2005 - months after the first six, which were all made in late August 2005.

VIII: Brick Killed a Trick-or-Treater

This site was created October 30, 2005 just 10 minutes before Halloween. This is the first and currently only holiday entry in the Brick Killed series.

Brick is depicted as glowing green zombie that attacks Ghostface with his traditional trident. The theme song to the movie Halloween is used. The image appears to be darker to depict nighttime, when children go trick-or-treating. The tombstones that appear have the names of the different people/things Brick killed in the previous seven entries.

IX: Brick Killed DooM

The ninth installment uses the First Person Shooter scene from the Doom movie. This is the first entry in which Brick uses something other than his trident (a gun). He walks through all dark hallways killing different fads, and only appears in a reflection of the wall he shoots at the end. There have been complaints of how dark the image is, but that was the darkness of the hallways from the source DVD. The site was created February 12, 2006 - the first entry submitted in 2006.

The fads that appear and are shot by Brick are (in order of appearance):

The site was originally titled YTMNDooM to hide that is was the next Brick Killed series site, which is not obvious until the very end of the image loop. This is why the URL of the site doesn't include "brickkilled" in it.

X: Brick Killed YTMND

The tenth, and currently final, installment in the series was created May 21, 2006 - about 9 months after the original site.

The song used is Bodies by Drowning Pool. Brick throws his trident at the YTMND servers, causing them to crash and bring the site down. As he smiles, the screen fizzles out and the "YTMND is Down" screen appears. The image does not loop, the help the illusion that the site truly is down. However, the audio does loop. If you wait after a minute or so of silence, Mr. Apgar makes a cameo and tells you to play with your penis. The audio is taken from his Ozone Radio bumper.

The image appears to be tiled, but is actually one large image. This is how it fizzles out into the "YTMND is Down" screen at the end. This is a reason why the site may take a while to load on some computers.

Tributes/Unofficial Entries

Brick Loves Bears

This site was created by Ozone31 on August 15, 2005 between the third and fourth official entries.

It is a PTKFGS-esque site before the fad even existed, with Brick showing love instead of destruction. It includes a scene near the end of Anchorman in which Brick is getting tickled by a bear. The music used is Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate.

Brick is a NAZI!

This tribute was created on August 18, 2005 by Oob.

Brick is depicted as a Nazi soldier during World War II, wearing a German helmet. Instead of a trident, Brick uses a flash grenade to blind the gun-touting "Guy". Flames reflect off his glasses as he looks on and smiles.

Ewok kills Max

This tribute was created August 18, 2005 by barenholtzd.

The site features former YTMND user Ewokmyweewok killing YTMND founder Max Goldberg with a trident. The music used is from Kill Bill.

Brick Did Slayeth Yon Noble

This unofficial entry by Ozone31 was created October 2, 2005. It was originally to be the seventh in the official set, but upon completion was deemed too lacking in quality to be included. It makes use of the Medieval fad.

Instead of the normal Medieval fad music, it uses Monty Python's Brave Sir Robin. The image includes a man looking on at another man riding a horse with a trident piercing his chest. The text above them reads: "Mine Eyes Hath Seen It/Brick Did Slayeth Yon Noble", which is a play on the quote by Ron Burgundy used in the series.

Kratos Judgments The Entire World!

This site was created October 22, 2005 by TheNoooo.

Brick makes an appearance as he's about to throw his trident. However, Kratos' Judgment kills the "Guy" before he gets a chance. Brick proceeds to smile at the destruction done.

Sakaki kills Brick

This tribute was created December 20, 2005 by TheRaven7. It borrows from the Sailor Moon vs. Sakaki YTMND.

It first shows Brick killing the "Guy". But quickly after he smiles it fades as Sakaki kills him with a snowball. The word "OWNED" flashes on the screen after the collision.

Cosby Killed a Guy

This tribute was created May 12, 2006 by Cosby-enthusiast Kassius. It uses the Bill Cosby fad.

The audio is a usual mix by Kassius with different Cosby quotes. Bill Cosby's head is poorly photoshopped on top of Brick's during the classic trident scene.

NEW!! Razor Gator Anthem

This site was created August 31, 2006 by razorgator.

Within the site, Brick makes an appearance from the original Brick Killed a Guy site. The difference is that instead of hurling his trident, he is throwing a giant Razor Gator.