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Photo of Peppers from the Ohio Electronic Sex offender Registry

Brian Peppers (born November 1, 1968) is a resident of Whitehouse, Ohio, a suburb of Toledo, Ohio who became the subject of an Internet meme that originated in 2005, concerning the circulation of his photograph, obtained from the Ohio Electronic Sex offender Registry.

The appearance of the photograph led many viewers to suggest that it was faked. Snopes investigated the case and was unable to establish that it was a fake. The Ohio Attorney General's office told them "This is an accurate photo of this offender."

Snopes suggests that Peppers' unusual appearance may be due to malformation of the cranium caused by a branchial arch condition such as Apert syndrome or Crouzon syndrome.


Peppers was sentenced to 30 days in jail with 5 years probation thereafter in 1998 for the crime of "Gross Sexual Imposition". Gross Sexual Imposition is defined as unwilling sexual contact with one who is not one's spouse.

Internet meme

It is unclear where the meme originated. There are conflicting reports of which internet forum it was posted in first. It is known that his image was entered on Hot or Not. It is currently one of the popular fads on ytmnd, which has been going on since Fall 2005.

Brian Peppers
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Original YTMND:
You Gon Get Raped
by shadow22
March 26, 2005
Worthy Spinoffs:
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Brian Peppers as a fad

Brian No! is a fad about Brian Peppers, a registered sex offender with a facial deformity. This was one of the most successfully forum forced fads on ytmnd along with Gay Fuel and Asiacopter. The first YTMND was created by shadow22 [1]. It featured a picture of Brian Peppers, together with the song "Requiem for a Tower", and text that reads "YOU GON GET RAPED!!." However, the most popular take on this was an YTMND that included Brian Peppers hiding in a mailbox to look at a woman on a garden bench. The music used was "Burn! Bobonga!" from the SNES video game Chrono Trigger. This YTMND, "Brian Peppers, sexual predator", was created by user luvmoz on April 25, 2005 and became a moderators favorite shortly after.

Brian Peppers sites often portray him as a child molestor. Many sites will show Brian attempting to prey on individuals. Other sites just portray him as a monster who would prey on anyone. There are however some sites that just poke fun at Brian Peppers (e.g. "Brian Peppers love bell peppers"). Brian Peppers sites are very common.

The actual truth about Brian Peppers?

On January 31st, 2006, YTMND user grimaf made a YTMND, The Actual Truth About Brian Peppers (sad story), which outlined the 'truth' about Mr. Peppers' condition. It stated that he is wheelchair bound, currently resides in a nursing home, and that his charges of gross sexual imposition were for groping a nurse. After this site, the fad appeared to take a toll as many users felt sorry for Brian Peppers and deleted their sites.

Shortly after grimaf's site gained popularity throughout YTMND, February 1st 2006, a user claiming to be Brian Peppers' brother, Allen Peppers, signed up for an account and proceeded to create 'Letter About Brian Peppers', a YTMND outlining how grimaf's site had 'inspired' him to speak out about his brother and ask the YTMND users making derogatory sites about him to stop.

Allen Peppers became the subject of wide speculation, as many users did not believe him to be Brian Peppers brother, rather a YTMND user's alternate account leeching off the popularity of the Brian Peppers fad.

All speculation halted when Allen Peppers released a second site, 'From Allen Peppers', explaining that he had received considerable harrassment through emails and phone messages from people wanting to know the truth behind him. It then mentioned how Brian Peppers had 'left this world for good' the morning he created the YTMND. The letter soon changed to another slide showing Brian Peppers in a photoshop of Marty McFly from the 'Back to the Future' series, and the text 'btw, he left in a time machine, lol'. It was exposed that "allenpeppers" was actualy the same user as digeridude, as exposed in I'm Allen Peppers.

Both grimaf's and allenpeppers's sites became fads themselves. Both site were set to the song "Forever Rachel" from Final Fantasy VI (which was included on Volume 12 of the YTMND Soundtrack).

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Came here expecting for some humor? Well, Uncyclopedia has an article about Brian Peppers.

Pervert/Sexual Predator Fad

"Burn! Bobanga!" would later be used for sites depicting other sexual predators (both real and fake). One of the more popular characters to be parodized was Harry Potter due to a string of images that showed him looking at his friend Hermione in strange ways.


References - Who's A Pepper?

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