Break my Stride

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Break my Stride
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Original YTMND:
Can't Break My Stride!
by syncan
February 26,2006
Worthy Spinoffs:
Used Music:

The Can't Break My Stride fad is composed of an animated GIF of people moving quickly or being chased by a usually gimp-like character, accompanied by Matthew Wilder's Break My Stride (available on Volume 10 of the YTMND Soundtrack). It is occasionally referenced by the acronym CBMS. The first CBMS YTMND was made by syncan on February 26, 2006.

Original Use

This type of YTMND usually has the character in question walking or running along, easily overcoming a specific type of obstacle or inconvenience. The most popular example of this YTMND is syncan's Can't Break My Stride from the series My Name Is Earl, which features triple-amputee Cameron Clapp chasing after Earl on prosthetic running legs.

Popular Varieties

The antithesis of these YTMNDs is the "trip stride" variety. These usually involve a character, again, running or walking, but are distracted by something and end up tripping over the a specific item they should normally be able to avoid. At the moment of impact, the music is interrupted, and silence typically follows the remainder of the YTMND. The best example of this YTMND is Can't Break Scotty's stide by NovaDaveX.

Some sites may use other takes on the song, the most popular being a club version of Pink Lagoon's take.

NARV Status

The fad can be abused as most sites involve just taking an image and setting it to music, but really not to the degree as other fads. Most recent stride sites involve the "trip stride" variety.