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{{iboriginal|blursite|a blur site}}
{{ibdate|May 2006|May 5th,2006}}
|title1=Lazytown Blur
|title2=Vader Blur
|title3=Richard Nixon Blur
|title4=The Count Song
|title5=OBEY Blur
The '''blur [[fad]]''' involves original YTMND's or random movie quotes being blurred and/or bleeped in key areas so an illusion is created, making it sound as if some offensive word was said. It is similar to [[w:en:Jimmy Kimmel Live|Jimmy Kimmel Live's]] This Week in Unnecessary Censorship segments.
== GAY ==
This shit is GAY!!!
It started with a comment by [http://ytmnd.com/users/jp2m5 jp2m5] in the comments page of a ytmnd that [http://wiki.ytmnd.com/User:spotz Spotz] made which can be found [http://ytmnd.com/sites/profile/426016 here]. [http://wiki.ytmnd.com/User:Ac6517 ac6517] made the first blur site.
The blur fad was eventually associated with [[GAYTMND]], where lines would be blurred so that it appeared that a dirty message was received.

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This shit is GAY!!!