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Original YTMND:
The Official YTMND 1st, 2nd, 3rd... List
by prairiedogeric10
July 24, 2006
7|all|SC|D|0| Bingo YTMNDs]

Image galleries or maps with on-demand customized locations by nicknames. Others comment, generally upvote, and describe a location to put their name on in the image to be remembered forever by no one who cares.

Each YTMND of this fad only lives as long as it is "up and coming" and has high ratings during that time. Once it is full it dies and his creator hopefully notices what a stupid waste of time his Bingo YTMND was.

The rule of thumb for this fad is: "If you suck my dick I will suck yours, thanks for putting my name on your image, goodbye".

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