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{{iboriginal|firstsecondthird|The Official YTMND 1st, 2nd, 3rd... List}}
{{ibdate|July 2006|July 24, 2006}}
|title1=50 State BINGO
|title3=YTMND Fad Bingo!
|title4=Hot Blonde Bingo
|title5=MS Calculator Bingo
A bingo site is an interacitive ytmnd that requires other users to leave a comment in order to be included in the site.  A bingo site will usually be themed (US States, ytmnd fads, spots on a map, etc...).  A user would post in the user comments area of a spot they wish to claim in that picture.  During the day, the site will be updated to show which users claimed that spots.  In some cases, a picture may accompany the user.
The fad lasted a few days before dying out.

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