Beans and Cornbread

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Beans and Cornbread
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Original YTMND:
Beans & Cornbread
by quackersneb
October 14, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:
Used Music:

Beans & Cornbread is a fad named after the song Beans and Cornbread by Louis Jordan, whch is used for the fad. The fad is often subject to stereotyping blacks for their love of beans and cornbread, or some mixed variant created by a user, The fad also depicts people with black paint and red lips depicting them as racist. A picture of Al Jolson and pictures cut out from the original Beans and Cornbread YTMND are used. Beans and Cornbread initially did not pickup as a fad. However, after the inclusion of the song on the YTMND soundtrack, and a little push from Khaaaaaaan, Beans and Cornbread exploded into a moderately successful fad.

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