All Your Base

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All your base are belong to us
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Original YTMND:
All your base are belong to us  
Worthy spinoffs:

All Your Base Are Belong to Us is a quote from the video game Zero Wing. The quote is an excellent example of Engrish; poor translations of Japanese to English involving improper syntax or incorrect subject-verb agreement.

It is the most ubiquitous Engrish phrase, commonly seen in e-mail signatures, satirical and trolling forum posts, forum avatars, and flash animations.

The phrase is more commonly referred to as All Your Base or abbreviated AYBABTU, AYBAB2U, or simply AYB because the original quote is rather verbose to refer to frequently.

Fad Origins

The original outbreak of All Your Base Are Belong to Us use was image posts of real-world sightings of the prase, either digital or legitimate, on the Something Awful forums. As the images became more and more numerous, a user on the TribalWar forums created a flash animation consisting of the original cutscene and theme music, along with the real-life pictures accumulated on the Something Awful forums.

YTMND Origins

The original All Your Base YTMND was created by LT3 in May of 2004. Since then, several popular All Your Base YTMNDs have been created, following in the fad's footsteps. Occasionally, the fad will resurface and several YTMNDs on the topic will be created, but the surges are short and sporadic.

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