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Original YTMND:
ACTMND: Real Life K.K. Slider Goes to the Steppe and Sings About it  
by Locke5 
February 18th, 2009  
Worthy spinoffs:

ACTMND (Animal Crossing The Man Now Dog), is a forced fad hatched on February 18th by members of The Gabbly Gang. At 10:07 PM eastern time, users ASSCOCKredux, Locke5, PoHandle, doctorhamgasm, Decisivepumpk1n, TuRtles, as well as the rest of the Gabbly Gang members posted sites involving memebers of Nintendo's Animal Crossing franchise, giving the fad its first breath of life. The sites were hits and filled the Up and Coming section for the remainder of the evening and early into the next morning before the former favorites retook their position.

While there is yet no formula to making an ACTMND site, they all generally contain a few key elements. Most sites feature Tom Nook, a tanuki featured in the game as a shop owner, while others simply show clips from the game itself, with the exception of PoHandle's hookerboots/actmnd mashup, and SenatorJohnKerry's "Blathers is a faggot" actmnd's typically feature music from any version of the game. While the fad is just now gaining steam, proprietor Locke5 has stated that, like hookerboots he would like to see the fad gain ground.

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