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{{iboriginal|whatisaha|What is A-Ha?}}
{{ibdate|July 2005|July 1, 2005}}
{{ibt|Used Music}}
|title1=A-ha Cookie Monster
|title2=I believe you have my A-Ha?
|title3=WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW, Mr A-Ha????
|title4=A-ha ! MOSHZILLA ! A-ha !
|title5=a-ha Helps Snape Kill Dumbledore
{{ibm|a-ha|[http://ytmnd.com/assets/0d737d592302e002a87f5cb22e540a8d Take On Me]}}
'''A-ha''' was a musical group from the 1980's that focused on synth-pop fused with ballad and rock. In correspondence to YTMND, a fad was created most likely when a-ha's music video for their one hit, "Take On Me" was parodied on an episode of Family Guy {{w|en:Breaking Out is Hart to Do|''Breaking Out is Hard to Do''}}. This inspired YTMNDers to take the pencil-sketch animation style used in the original and parody videos, and apply it via Photoshop filters, hand-drawn sketches, etc. to current [[fads]].
A few YTMND sites that used a-ha's style of animation made it to Top 15, but it was a large fad overall, with a few recurring sites still being created.  The song was included on Volume 3 of the [[YTMND Soundtrack]].

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