5,000 Votes Club

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The 5,000 Votes Club is an experienced group of YTMND users who have recorded more than 5,000 votes on YTMND.

The club is fairly exclusive, with less than 450 users attaining this level as of January 2007.

While considered to be prestigious, it is considered no less noteworthy to have relatively few votes cast, provided that the votes are cast in a fair manner. As such, even veteran '04ers, such as LocutusOfBorg, have not tallied many votes, choosing to vote on select sites.

Also, high vote totals can sometimes be marred by downvoters and trolls, further thinning the group who, with authenticity, have thousands of votes cast.

Less than 100 users are members of the next level, the 10,000 Votes Club, and only one user, Decisi8ns, has surpassed the 50,000 Milestone.