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Original YTMND:
by NorthAmericanDangerDuo
February 15, 2007
Worthy Spinoffs:

300TMND is a fad based on the movie 300. It is a series of YTMND's somehow revolving around the movie, but in particular, based on a YTMND entitled "300TMND: THIS IS SPARTAAAA!" that appeared 2007-02-15, created by the user NorthAmericanDangerDuo. The site features an edit of the scene from the first 300 trailer where King Leonidas holds the Persian messenger at sword-point at the ledge of a giant well.

300TMND was actually intended by the author to be a series of different 300-related YTMND's, not a fad based on the "THIS IS SPARTAAAA!" 300TMND. However, it's popularity quickly escalated and completely overshadowed all other 300TMND's that weren't related to the "This is Sparta!" scene of the 300 trailers. 300TMND's based on other scenes have had more limited success.

The music used for these sites is the same music as the original trailer used, Nine Inch Nails' "Just Like You Imagined".

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