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{{iboriginal|megamanfadselect|Mega Man selects a fad}}
{{ibdate|June 2005|June 6th, 2005}}
| spinoff1 = kirbyhasfadpower
| title1  = Kirby selects a fad <small>(v1.5)</small>
| spinoff2 = megamanfad
| title2  = Mega Man selects another fad
| spinoff3 = kirbyhasfadpowers
| title3  = Kirby selects a fad <small>(v2.0)</small>
| spinoff4 = megamanfad3
| title4  = Mega Man selects a fad again
| spinoff5 = megaman-select
| title5  = Mega Man selects another fad...again
The '''select-a-fad''' fad is a [[conglomerate]] that features a screenshot of Mega Man 3<!--not sure about this--> (mostly) where the boss thumbnails are replaced by various fads and YTMNDs, and other things. The music is the Mega Man stage select music<!--actually, I don't know.-->.
The original included these fads:
*[[Nigga]] as "N*gg* Man"
*[[Moskau|Dschinghis Khan]] as "Moskau Man"
*[[Stapler|Milton]] as "Stapler Man"
*[[Thwomp]] crashing into Milton
*[[Sonic]] as "Advice Man"
*[[yourethemannowdog.com|Sean Connery]] as "You're the Man"
*[[KHAN!|Kirk]] as "Khan Man"
*[[Conan is...|Conan]] as "Gator Man"
*[[Darth Vader]] as "Chosen One"

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