...sees so much beauty

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...sees so much beauty
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Original YTMND:
Jack Bauer sees so much Beauty
by JackHorner
February 9, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:
Used Music:

The original "sees so much beauty" site involves a scene from the movie "American Beauty" and a scene from the hit Fox TV show "24". The site shows Jack Bauer of "24" crying while in a car. This was during the closing minutes of season 3 after all threats were taken care of and he finally let all his emotions out. The image then shows a plastic bag flying around as seen in "American Beauty". The site was originally a tribute to the O RLY owl's death that was in the top 15, but when that was determined to be fake, the ytmnd creator decided to replace the site. Most of the users did not notice the change as it was made very early in the day. The main theme of American Beauty "Any Other Name" by Thomas Newman accompanies the image.

The original site became popular and parodies were created. Both the "Jack Bauer crying" and "flying plastic bag" scenes were parodized. Fad sites will either show other people crying while a plastic bag flies by, or Jack Bauer crying for other things. The song has also become popular, being used in over 50 sites. The theme will be on Volume 13 of the YTMND Soundtrack.