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August 23rd, 2005
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Hi. As none of you know, my real name is Tyler Davis and I hail from Eastern Pennsylvania. But enough about me, how about me!

The Beginnings

Maybe the middle of the summer of 2005, RFS made a post on one of the message boards I visited and told us all about his 'Six Flags Guy Is Racist!' YTMND getting in the Top 15. I checked the site maybe once that day, never coming back. Until one quiet summer eve...

To be honest, I can't remmeber when I first started going to YTMND regularly, not even the vaguest details. On August 25th, 2006, I decided to register on the site to vote on sites and possibly create one if I felt the need. On May 3rd, 2006, I felt that need. I created It's Ok, Pisa, We're In This Together which was an idea from me and chicken-rulez, real life friend Tim DiGilio. It was composed simply of a Google Image Search image and a really sh*tty mp3 loop I made in Audacity. Quite a fail in my book, but I did it. I made a YTMND.

Time went by and I learned how to create loops of songs that sounds seamless. My first loop site was Sony PS3 $600? So?, which I was proud of a the time. Made some really sh*tty YTMNDs, composed of yet another loop I made/stole and a static image. This all changed after the 112th minute of a certian soccer game...

First Mainstream YTMND

Suddenly I see the Zidane/Materazzi headbutt gif floating around on the internet. I think to myself 'Hey, this might be something'. I spend the next 2 days learning Photoshop adn Imageready to create the coolest Zidane gif ever.

After a few setbacks, including not knowing how to save, not making it animate, not looping it, my site Materazzi Is Kitty's Playtoy was made and praised. I submitted it at 10 after 1 in the morning, a bit late due to saving problems. This was the first site I made to receive moderate attention and to take more than 15 minutes in MSPaint. It never makes Up and Coming or Top 15.

First Top 15/Up and Coming YTMND

2006-05-03 16:55:11

Materazzi Is Kitty's Playtoy