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Info box about fads. This new improved model incorporates all the fields of the old Ibs system and at the same time is fully backwards compatible with template that it directly replaced. Looks the same too.


{{Fad Infobox|name=
|original= (OR |example=}
|originalTitle= (OR |exampleTitle=)


  • name = Fad's name
  • img/image = The image. If you type img, it should be filename of an uploaded image (Image:file.jpg) (no other formatting, it will automatically render 200px wide). If you type image, it should be the preview of the image (for example http://content.ytmnd.com/content/a/9/0/a904c9eb269376020c39f84340a45743.jpg)
  • original = Subdomain (the first part) of the URL of the YTMND which started the fad (http://original.ytmnd.com)
  • spinoff1 - spinoff5 = Subdomain of the five high-rated spinoffs of this fad. And no, you can't post a 6th spinoff. (Please list ones with at least **** and 10,000 views if possible).
  • title1 - title5 = Names of the spinoffs