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...Is Racist
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Original YTMND:
Yahoo! News is racist
by twiztidjordan
August 30, 2005
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The ...Is Racist fad began shortly after Hurricane Katrina had hit the shores of New Orleans, flooding the city. Of the many reports and articles written about the disaster in the immediate aftermath, two particular articles were of particular interest because while both seemed to describe a person or group of people in the same situation, which is carrying a bag filled with what can be assumed to be food, the article in which Caucasians are carrying such a bag describes them as having "found" it, while the other describes an African American as having "looted" the goods. Many people took this to be a sign of a racist media, and this fad stems from the controversy that followed.

Fad Structure

While the original YTMNDs compared the two original articles in such a way that the article refering to the person of african american heritage appears to be racist. Other "Racist" YTMNDs present other situations or occurances in such a way as to make those situations seem based on racism.

racist YTMNDs

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