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A faggy short film is another term for a new generation YTMND, and does not follow the YTMND fundamentals of PICTURE, SOUND, TEXT, and a SINGULAR FOCUS. Faggy short films often contain video-like content, or long powerpoint style slideshows. The term was coined by inkdrinker in his YTMND, Remember your Fundamentals, as an insult to this kind of site.

Faggy short films are sometimes known by their acronym FSF. They are the antithesis of the classic site.

FSFs are often blasted by old-time YTMNDers, claiming that it is nothing more than a movie and not fitting ytmnd standards. However, most of 2006's successful YTMNDs involve FSFs. Some FSFs will just have music accompanying a lengthy movie while others will pretty much have the scene.

Examples of successful FSFs

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