Everyone has AIDS

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Everyone has AIDS
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Original YTMND:
by saddam
June 5, 2005
Used Music:

"Walker told me I have AIDS", "Everyone has AIDS"

Walker, Texas Ranger: Made popular from Late Night with Conan O'Brien and the "Walker, Texas Ranger Lever".

The music used is Everyone has AIDS, movie Team America, World Police.

They are often accompanied by pictures having to do with Africa, food, etc.

This fad was also used to create a ytmnd about a bug in World of Warcraft:

Blizzard adds in a new instance, Zul'Gurub. Inside is the god of blood, Hakkar. Well, when you fight him he has a debuff called Corrputed Blood. It does like 250-350 damage to players and affects nearby players. The amazing thing is SOME PLAYERS have brought this disease (and it is a disease) back to the towns, outside of the instance. It starts spreading amongst the general population including npcs, who can out generate the damage. Some servers have gotten so bad that you can't go into the major cities without getting the plague (and anyone less than around level 50 nearly immediately die). [1]

The ytmnd can be found here.

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