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{{iboriginal|poland|Well, actually, he forgot Poland!}}
{{ibdate|October 2004|October 2nd, 2004}}
|title1=Captain Poland and the Polendteers (VOTE 5)
|title2=I Believe You Have My Poland
|title3=Me SOO Remembered POLAND (vote 5)s
|title4=Bush Falls. Polend Catches.
|title5=Jefferson POLEND PLANE Presents We built this city on POLAND (VOTE 58!)}}
"It's not a fad, it's a way of life!"
== History ==
The '''You forgot Poland''' YTMNDs from 2004 were satirical references to George W. Bush's unanticipated retort to John Kerry during the 2004 ''Presidential Electoral Debate.''  John Kerry had omitted Poland as a member of the "coalition" participating on the War on Terror (whether or not this was intentional is debated).
The newer Forgot Poland sites contain no real world political message. This type of YTMND is quickly becoming popular, though it has very little to do with the original "forgot poland" political fad. The original YTMND was posted by {{ytmnduser|deevo}} in October of 2004. Since then, "Forgot Poland" sites merged with the influences of DaltonofZeal2, Kassius, and AegisReflector to pull away from lame political jokes and pushed more towards its own unique realm. "Forgot Poland" sites are currently entirely guided by AegisReflector's "Forgot your Poland fundamentals" site. In order to create a You Forgot Poland site, you need to know your [http://vote5polandfundamentals.ytmnd.com fundamentals]: Remix, increase volume, and beg for votes. Pumping up the bass doesn't hurt either.
"You Forgot Poland" as it is known today within the community was born with [http://vote5polandman.ytmnd.com/ AegisReflector's Now You're a Forgot Poland Man!] site.
To learn more about Forgot Poland, visit [http://z3.invisionfree.com/Forgot_Poland_Army/index.php? the Forgot Poland Army forums].
== Source Materials for sites ==
Many Forgot Poland sites use clips such as "Khannnnn!", "NOOOOOOOoooooo!", and "WRONG!" in addition to the classic 2004 election debate clips. Fad music is also often used in these parodies to try to show the problems with everyone making fad sites without humor or effort. The truth is that most Forgot Poland sites take about the same, if not more effort as any masterpiece that often lands in the top 5. The intentional use of loud noise, distorted images, spelling it "polend", and "voat 5!!" running gags is often unnoticed, as many voters believe that these sites are just poorly made. The FPA works alongside other users to stop [[NARV]]s and [[Parasite]]s from polluting YTMND.
For help making a Forgot Poland site, check out the [http://z3.invisionfree.com/Forgot_Poland_Army/index.php? FPA forums], or try the "[http://www.angelfire.com/yt3/elohel/polend/fpa.html/ Forgot Poland Toolbox]".
== Forgot Poland Army Members ==
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/AegisReflector AegisReflector]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/ahdemarco ahdemarco]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/alholm2000 alholm2000]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/Amenhotep2 Amenhotep2]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/AngryDriver AngryDriver]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/BTape BTape]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/cameraman Cameraman]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/CaptainPirate CaptainPirate]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/Cheesellama Cheesellama]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/DarthWang DarthWang]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/demsthenes demsthenes]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/Doomrock Doomrock]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/evilpenguin evilpenguin]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/ForceUser ForceUser]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/ghcghcghc ghcghcghc]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/GIVEMEREPLAY GIVEMEREPLAY]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/HeatherChandler HeatherChandler]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/JohnnyLurg JohnnyLurg]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/Jollumpy Jollumpy]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/juiceman juiceman]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/Kassius Kassius]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/Kayne Kayne]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/Lethe Lethe]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/mattdh12 mattdh12]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/NESer NESer]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/Poland Poland]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/PsychoCola PsychoCola]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/renegade64 renegade64]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/RubilacEx RubilacEx]
*[http://ytmnd.com/users/SniperChance SniperChance]
{{wikipedia|You forgot Poland}}

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