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YesYes or "Yes, yes" is a quote from Finding Forrester, and is said by Sean Connery after he says the PTKFGS line. It is one of four alternate universes on YTMND.


The YesYes YTMNDs were inspired by the PTKFGS fad. The first one was doubley, created March 15, 2006 by Typhlosion. It featured the same background image as and PTKFGS. Two days later, Mewchu11 released his version of the YTMND, with a YESYES logo embedded on the bottom right side of the image, inspiring the fad of an alternate universe to an alternate universe. With PTKFGS already a popular fad, it didn't build the same momentum. Its popularity dropped dramatically days after its introduction. However it did build more a following than any of the "fourth universes" that filled the bottom left corner.


Some of the changes include: "lol, internet" becomes "wtf, internet", "Secret Nazi..." becomes "Secret Terrorist...", "O RLY?" becomes "how do u no?" or "4 RL?" and the Picard Song is the Solo Song instead.