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"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious."
-- Obi-Wan on The YTMNSFW Forums

The YTMNSFW Forums are the more popular sister forums to the YTMND Forums. Here, nearly anything that is not illegal is allowed. Generally, one should take their questions about YTMND to the YTMND Forums, for the YTMNSFW Forums will usually bombard them with spam, flames, and virus links. The YTMNSFW Forums are the true YTMND Forums as they are not fucking gay like the other ones and were made as a replacement for the old YTMND Forums.

The current admins are max, clay, and jon. ROY4L is the forum's super moderator. There are no mods. A group of star posters exists for rewarding good posting with a custom username .gif of their own design; merely designing the .gif is sufficient for inclusion in the group (unless nobody has any idea who you are, or you make a terrible gif). Notable star posters include cberry, Camoron, boobz and definitely not oobleglork. Star posters have a few other undetermined perks; they are essentially neutered moderators.

In addition to a quasi-moderator class, there is also an almost-banned usergroup called faggot patrol. When a member is banned the moderator banning the user has the option to put them on faggot patrol, which will allow them to stay and post. Their username is hidden and replaced with the title "faggot patrol" in gay pink letters. They cannot make new threads, they cannot use rep, their profiles and avatars are restricted, and they can only post once every 90 seconds. An SMod or higher may also change the user's avatar to one of the faggot patrol avatars, saved amongst the other stock forum images. Some moderators use this system frequently and some ignore it completely.

Another new improvement to the forums is the replies statistics table: "How are your replies today?" This table delineates the most effective and most popular posters on the forum by looking at how many threads they have and how many replies they get. It is updated every six hours. internut is not doing very well.

In general, YTMNSFW Forums is populated by an unfriendly clique that has already been established. Acceptance is rather arduous and takes a great deal of time. If you really must post there, join, lurk and get an idea of whose rhubarb is safe to rub. Do not post for at least a month. You'll find these forums are more accepting than AlmightyLOL -- a forum originally created as a spinoff of YTMNSFW Forums -- which has evolved in its own way.


Visiting these forums will cause you to experience:

  1. more cock than a gay stripclub
  2. scat porn
  3. more prejudice than a kkk meeting
  4. more.. scat porn
  5. a bunch of gay shit

..and a multitude of shock images that you never even knew existed.

Notable Residents

  1. Rubycalaber - A mentally disturbed young Scottish kid with a fetish for Lost who famously had his YTMND Jews did 9/11 featured on the History Channel. Also loves child pornography.
  2. StompleB - A horrendouly obnoxious piece of vegan hippie leftist liberal trash.
  3. Steveyos - A fat nerd fuck with no life. He is on disability and somehow owns a website and is popular in Second Life.
  4. ChibbiAmerikan - A most likely fat bitch who has a Kraut/Rammstein fetish.
  5. boobz - Sav Rocca lookalike faggot, always hangs around like a shit stained jock, plays with David Bowie's ballsack. Loser.
  6. m0nde - Indian faggot.
  7. Pastor Travis - A neo-Confederate. There is debate over whether he is really a pastor or not.
  8. oobleglork - A weaboo anime faggot.