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YTMNSFW or, a portmanteau of YTMND (you're the man now dog) and NSFW (not safe for work), was the darker, unrated version of YTMND. On the site, YTMND creations were duplicated and moderators single-handedly chose which sites are work safe and which are not. The sites that are Not Safe For Work were redirected to YTMNSFW. Before users view the domains, they are first shown an age verification screen asking for their date of birth. However, most users, if not all, lie about their age when coming to this screen so currently it is a bad system. Although the interface of YTMNSFW was a darker black over grey style showing only NSFW YTMNDs, the newest YTMNDs and login information were both from the main site, meaning that the database information for and was the same.

When the new layout of YTMND was released, attempting to access began to bounce the address back to Whether or not will become accessible again is yet to be announced.

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