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ytmnd pwns jeopardy
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Creator: ABACABB
Created on: January 12th, 2006
Sound origin: jeopardy
Image origin: jeopardy

ytmnd pwns jeopardy is a clip from the popular game show Jeopardy!. Following is a transcript of the clip.

Female Contestant: Easily imitated for $1000, please.
Alex Trebek: You're the man now, dog! (pause) Ah-ha! Caught you, with Sean Connery.
Female Contestant: (laughs)
Alex Trebek: Finding Forrester, yes indeed.

Many believe this clip was influenced by the existance of ytmnd itself. As such, Max has duly inducted this ytmnd into the Hall of Fame.

This is purportedly not the only instance of ytmnd or internet culture influencing Jeopardy!. As can be seen in "Who is Leeroy Jenkins" REAL! 'Computer Games for $1000', a question on College Jeopardy! directly refers to popular internet video and ytmnd fad Leeroy Jenkins.

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