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Ytmnd Bop was first started on 03-14-2006 when the user kittyprincessjanet created the ytmnd YTMND BOP 1 - Nigga Stole My Bike. The ytmnd made fun of the Kidz Bop cd's. This small fad is rising with more and more additions to the Ytmnd Bop ytmnd's.

Unofficial Ytmnd Bop ytmnd's:

YTMND BOP - Vader says NOOO!!! by JohnnyLurg

YTMND Bop 5 - Picard Song by SirLemming

YTMND Bop 7 - Ridin' Spinnaz by SirLemming

YTMND Bop 8 - Singin' With R.Waddams by KaZIM

YTMND Bop 9 - Harder Better Faster Stronger by Jtforums Kids go crazy for YTMND Bop by Username1875