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YTMND Bop was first started on 03-14-2006 when the user kittyprincessjanet created the ytmnd [http://ytmndbop1.ytmnd.com YTMND BOP 1 - Nigga Stole My Bike]. The ytmnd made fun of the {{w|Kidz Bop}} CD's. This small fad is rising with more and more additions to the YTMND Bop YTMNDs.
Unofficial Ytmnd Bop ytmnd's:
[http://ytmndbop5-sirlemming.ytmnd.com/ YTMND Bop 5 - Picard Song by SirLemming]
[http://ytmndbop7-sirlemming.ytmnd.com/ YTMND Bop 7 - Ridin' Spinnaz by SirLemming]
[http://ytmndbopmilton.ytmnd.com/ YTMND Bop 8 - Singin' With R.Waddams by KaZIM]
[http://ytmndbop9.ytmnd.com/ YTMND Bop 9 - Harder Better Faster Stronger by Jtforums]
[http://kidscrazyforytmndbop.ytmnd.com/ Kids go crazy for YTMND Bop by Username1875]

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