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Known YTMNDongs Users: Jin, HKK,  
Known YTMNDongs Users: Jin, HKK,  
IP & Port: <code></code>
IP & Port: <code>vent25.light-speed.com:5256 </code>
'''Alextide32's Eaglehat Vent(Formerly known as Flying Lobsters)'''
'''Alextide32's Eaglehat Vent(Formerly known as Flying Lobsters)'''

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Ventrilo is a program which allows voicechat over the Internets. If you don't have Ventrilo, you can get it at its download page.


At present there are no official YTMND Ventrilo servers. A selection of alternate servers exists below.


On February 23, 2006, Fyrestorm decided that he wanted a way for the community of YTMND to have a way to communicate VOIP, rather than through text. He subscribed to a server and recieved the "vent.ytmndongs.com" IP forwarding address from Snaxe. The ventrilo server was a hit, developing regulars, staff meetings, and various community-building activities. The server initially gained more popularity from the "Put Shoe on Head" fad that spawned from it, and having this Wiki article being linked on the front page.

On March 4, 2008, Charles L. Dewright, a wealthy industrialist and well-known roller coaster tycoon, purchased the rights to YTMND(DONGS) Ventrilo Server for the estimated sum of $20,000,000. This historic event paves the way for an economical and industrial change for the YTMND Ventrilo.

Sometime in October 2008, the users of the ytmndongs ventrilo server got fed up with the server after Mr-Cheater got admin for donating to the server. Then in protest they all went to the flyinglobsters.com server, a vent server made by alextide32.

They decided to stay in alextide32's vent until a few weeks later Eekdacat happened to continuously make ddos attacks on the server because he did not get his way in moderation of the vent. Alextide32 reopened the server.

Here are other vent servers that YTMNDongs users been housing since the death of YTMNDongs:

HKK's A Series Of Tubes

Known YTMNDongs Users: Jin, HKK,

IP & Port: vent25.light-speed.com:5256

Alextide32's Eaglehat Vent(Formerly known as Flying Lobsters)

Known YTMNDongs Users: Mostly All of them.

IP & Port: - Server Password(Most of the time)

Zombie's Horse Vent

Known YTMNDongs Users: batmannu, Bupo, SonOfPrince.

IP & Port: bismuth.typefrag.com:33300

Sean Strife's Ten Mile Rock (Backup of HKK's Vent or was.)

Known YTMNDongs Users: Mr-Cheater, TheContact23, Kazuma

IP & Port: carbon.typefrag.com:52370

(Feel free to add any other vent info that's housing old YTMNDongs members.)

Ventrilo Etiquette

User Etiquette

As of March 4, 2008 Charles L. Dewright banished all known user-laws letting the people rejoice in freedom! Along with all bans being uplifted!

Mod Etiquette

As of March 4, 2008 Charles L. Dewright fired all known moderators.

Historic Events

  • JoshCube got owned by Max for whining about his YTMNDs getting *, sparking a few YTMNDs featuring recordings of them quarreling. This was the first time the user limit was at maximum, due to users joining in to hear Max bash on JoshCube. Most users, however, missed out on JoshCube's satirical wit. He has since been dubbed a "secret genius" by more in-the-know forum users.
  • xXWaspXx coins the term "Vent Mafia" and the YTMND Ventrilo mafia is born, beginning first with the creaton of xXWaspXx's YTMND Vent Mafia site, then with the VentMafia alt account. It's first site (VentMafia Test Site) was made by boomaga. Later on, Crystal took xXWaspXx's vent mafia logo and put it on this wiki page. xXWaspXx then re-did the logo to what it looks like today.
  • Fyrestorm and a friend got blitzed and sang rap for a good ten or fifteen minutes, on and off. A few people have recorded it but no audio clips have been made, as of yet. Whatchoo know about that?
  • Kr!zz4p came out of the closet about his furriness and homosexuality.
  • Jin Died 8/29/1986-7/12/2006-7/15/2006
  • Icion had a private chat with Syncan's then-girlfriend Trish. Syncan repeatedly banned Icion in response. Current mods have been reluctant to undo the bans, for various reasons. The bans continued well after the two had broken up.
  • The DX30 Week starts. The events are filled with DX30 screaming and pretending to be unbelievably naive. As the mods muted the main chats, one man stood against them. He was s revolutionary known on the Ventrilo server as BluToof. His protest prompted Jin to end the faggotry by banning DX30. He pleaded with mods to come back, and even admitted it was all an act, but that faggot was gay.
  • Syncan and Kitty appeared together in Syncan's giant mansion. Featured apperances: Kitty's nipples, feet licking, boob grabbing and alcohol. More to come! More like cum. Also, Ventrilo drama and NeoMatrixClt.
  • Koryoko and Mazaku Broke records and the domains as they both own the LordKarmic.ytmnd.com Domain on complete accident by both making the same site with the same domain at the exact same time.
  • Some Moderators created a conspiracy to remove NeoMatrixClt from the USR file. They went through with it and following the event Neo came on vent informing everyone his paypal was hacked and didn't have money to pay his rent. Shortly afterward he said he was going to go "jump off his balcony". He hasn't been seen since. Then, fyrestorm was informed by a few unnamed moderators who tipped him off about the takeover. On Wednesday, March 7, fyrestorm purged the USR file and removed most of the admins on the server. Faggotry levels peaked after this event due to lack of active moderators.
  • In the very early morning of May 31st, 2007, the YTMND Ventrilo USR and channel list were purged again by Max, Snaxe, and fyrestorm. Former moderators sought refuge in the rivaling "4chan ventrilo", run by JRoach. Fyrestorm had previously recieved admin rights in his ventrilo server, when he later proceeded to give Max server administrator priveledges, resulting in Max deleting the USR list and channels on there. Previous moderators and YTMND ventrilo regulars have migrated over to the other vent due to loss of power on the YTMND server.
  • After the server was cleared of most of its channels and users, the vent went old skool and a whole new era of users began to frequent server. Only a few old skool users remained. The new generation of users after the purge has often been called the New Age Vent Fags, or faggots.
  • On June 3rd, 2007, several YTMND users attempted to create a new fad using a clip of Weird Al Yankovic's song "All About the Pentiums" from his album Running With Scissors. The part in question was when he says "Packard" from "Hewlett-Packard." YTMND vent users submitted several sites in a matter of minutes, eventually culminating in "BEANS AND PACARD" submitted by burningafterthedawn. The fad was quickly shot down by max who left a comment on said site reading "banned." However, no ban has been administered to burningafterthedawn at this time.
  • TLove starts the first "Daft Punk Break", by playing a clip of himself saying "Daft Punk Break" following a short clip of a Daft Punk song. This fad soon caught on and is now done mostly by steakman, usually coming on the name "****DPB****" and playing a Daft Punk song. If you interrupt a "DPB" you are subject to being muted, or possibly banned.
  • On September 11th, 2007, Posty(A.K.A. The American Saltwater Beaver) prank calls the Walmart in Alextide32's hometown and successfully steals a World of Warcraft CD key by fooling a Walmart employee named David Farris into thinking he was a Blizzard employee named Jeff Longing. This would lead to many more prank calls harassing Farris and lead to an encounter with Steve the Walmart Manager. This marks the beginning of the David Farris Era.
  • Server is upgraded to ventrilo version 3.0.0 adding many features but also taking away much of the power of the moderators and administrators. Users who have not registered an account with the server are tagged (GUEST) and can not view comments and may not be able to speak in certain channels in which an admin has disabled guest chat. The changes have led to some controversy within the YTMND ventrilo community, but since the server's host, NationVoice, has control over what version the server is and not Fyrestorm, complaining about the change has for the most part ended.
  • Fyrestorm shamelessy sells out the YTMND Ventrilo server to a well-known roller coaster tycoon and wealthy industrialist named Charles L. Dewright who was in the market for railroads, castles, and Ventrilo servers.
  • Ben Rain (A.K.A. Justice Guy) starts the World of Warcraft era. Over half of the ventrilo server begins to play World of Warcraft on Horde Smolderthorn PvP (US). Ben Rain also starts a guild called SNARF. It's quickly learned Mazaku is a troll and steals everything out of the Guild Vault on a daily basis.
  • World Of Warcraft takes over the ventrilo chats.


  • Cho Seung-Hui is resurrected and joins YTMND Vent under MastaAce411
  • Jin leaves the server after Lupin finds out his home phone number and repetedly calls him and leaves him text messages on his cell phone. After this, WoW chats finally subsided.
  • Koryoko gets demodded and perma banned from the server for being a faggot.
  • Stickam Cam Whore Caity Love was trolled to hell. Story behind this was by Vyse getting a nude picture of her, then he posted it on one of Mr-Cheater's hate threads of Caity Love but instead of her name, Vyse replace it with xXWaspXx's name. Because she called him at 5:30 AM about some bullshit that nobody cares about. Mr-Cheater got banned from Alextide32's website by making a in side joke of a picture of Helmholz in love with Caity Love's tits. This made Mr-Cheater lol'd at the whole vent drama with her and the vent server.

Former Ventrilo Administrators

Former Ventrilo Moderators

Cho Seung-Hui

People Nobody Likes

Former Ventrilo Users

Former Old Skool Users