YTMND Front Page Algorithms

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This is a work in progress containing algorithms for the content boxes on the front page, while this information could be used to exploit the system, it's not too hard to figure out on your own.

Current Front Page Algorithms

"Worthwhile YTMNDS": YTMNDs with a score above 4.0 and a number of votes fitting between 4 and 425.

"Up and Coming YTMNDS": YTMNDs created within the last 48 hours that have a score above 3.0 and a number of votes fitting between 3 and 300.

 Some users have expressed disdain at the fact that once a site reaches 300 votes its removed from the Up and Coming list.

"Top Viewed YTMNDs": YTMNDs sorted by views of the time segment (today, this week, all time, etc) with a score filter to filter out horrible sites.

Suggested Front Page Algorithms

Write this.