YTMND 2.0 Changelog

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YTMND 2.0 Changelog


  • Brand new design created specifically to infuriate you.
  • All URLs are now rewritten, so most pages with query strings have new, cleaner URLs.
  • All pages are now templated XHTML strict; all CS, JS, etc moved to external files for speed and cleanliness.
  • All pages are now available gzipped for faster load speed.


  • YTMNDs can now have both a foreground and background image.
  • YTMND foreground and background images can have finite placement on the page.
  • Site descriptions, origins, etc have all had their size increased and support rich text.
  • Citations are now shown on site profiles.
  • Inbound links are now shown on site profiles so you can see where traffic to YTMNDs is coming from.

Rich text

  • Rich text is supported in multiple areas of the site.
  • Rich text includes bold, italic, underline, code, spoiler (preformatted monospace) and user/site/asset links.


  • User activity is now tracked thoroughly. This can be changed somewhat in your user preferences.
  • Site/Profile views, votes, comments, site creations/edits etc all show up in your activity page.


  • YTMND now supports friends and enemies.
  • Becoming friends or enemies with a user makes their user name change color around the site.
  • Befriending someone makes them show up in your "feed", where you can stalk them.
  • Currently making someone does nothing beyond making a statement.


  • Comments have had their size increased to 2000 characters (less if you use multibyte).
  • Comment nesting now goes to five levels, for multi-threaded conversations.
  • Longer usernames are now visible in comments.
  • Wide comments no longer push controls to the side, or break boxes.
  • Comments now have unique immutable links which can be copied from their timestamp.
  • Comments on user profiles now link to the parent comment if the comment is a reply.
  • Comment links will go directly to the page the comment is on.
  • Posting a comment on a paged site/news post will now redirect you to the page your comment appears on.

Private Message System

  • Completely rewritten from scratch.
  • Messages are now threaded, so every reply is added on to the original message, instead of copying the entire message multiple times.
  • Number of unread messages is now shown on every page.
  • No more unnecessary AJAX, each message has a full URL.
  • Removed blocked users, because no one used it and it never worked that well.
  • New option to receive an email if you get a private message (off by default to combat possible spam).
  • Messages in the "trash" older than 30 days are now automatically deleted.
  • Private messages support rich text.
  • Filters on the main mail view:
     Quick-filters to hide read/unread messages.
     Filter text box to filter by Sender/Subject.
  • When composing a new private message, each comma-separated username will auto-complete.


  • News now has an RSS feed.
  • The five news posts listed at the bottom of the news now show surrounding news posts instead of the most recent five.
  • New news page listing available at /news/list
  • News is now searchable.


  • Lots of options added and removed.
  • You can now change the email address associated with your YTMND account.
  • You can now retrieve a forgotten username.
  • When you use the "forgot password" function, it sends you a verification mail rather than just changing your password.

Users List

  • New sections which allow you to see (Most/Least) sponsorship and Most/Best/Worst commenters.

User Profiles

  • All pages rewritten to make use of AJAX where applicable.

Default page

  • Added some basic comment statistics.
  • Now shows latest activity.

Sites page

  • Now properly sorts on all applicable fields, sorting should also be much faster.

Comments page

  • Comments page now also shows news comments.
  • Comments now link to all associated parties/pages, e.g. the parent comment, site, news post etc.

Lists page

  • Removed for now. RIP :(


  • New contest option to only allow new sites.
  • Contest placement is calculated based on votes between the start and end date of the contest, so old sites no longer have an advantage.


  • Passwords are now hashed before logging in so plaintext passwords are no longer sent.
  • A PayPal calculator built into the sponsorship page.

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