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{{iboriginal|ytmndtmnd|YTMNDTMND: You're the man now dog the man now dog!}}
{{ibdate|January 2007|January 15, 2007}}
|title1=YTMNDTMND: Asiacoptercopter
|title2=YTMNDTMND: Bill Nye the "Bill Nye the Science Guy" Guy
|title3=YTMNDTMND: Catch That Catch That Man
|title4=YTMNDTMND: HTTP 40404: Man Not Found (Dog) Not Found (Dog)
|title5=YTMNDTMND: I believe you have my stapler believe you have my stapler?
'''YTMNDTMND''' ("You're the man now dog the man now dog") is a fad in which other fads are copied and then pasted within themselves, creating a sort of YTMND-within-a-YTMND.
[[Category:NARVish Fads]]

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