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This page is a wishlist of things that would be nice to have on this wiki. There are a few things that aren't immediately needed, but it might be nice to have, and others depend on the security of the site. Max has got to do a bunch of the stuff, unless he allows db access, which probably isn't going to happen.


  • Expand the main namespace to include articles for all the major fads and YTMND sites without forking them from the fads list. YTMND is not Wikipedia after all and "This comes from Wikipedia/Fadwiki" messages look ghey.
  • Try to explain why a fad is funny to the majority. Some (lots) of people look at these YTMND and either don't get the joke, or don't know why they're funny.


  • Make skin of the site look like the main YTMND site (see MediaWiki talk:Monobook.css)
  • Get fonts to match YTMND's, so it may integrate nicely. The headings and such should be capitalized, if possible, and the font to match up with the main site's

Technical (requires db access)

Changes to LocalSettings.php

Quick and easy

  • Personal user styles (I loves me some popups)
$wgAllowUserJs  = true;
$wgAllowUserCss = true;

Slightly longer (instructions on linked page)