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Welcome to YTMND, nubcakes. This page will familiarize you with how the website works.

Introduction to YTMND

Sites (also called YTMNDs) are a combination of picture, sound, and optional text. Check out the original YTMND.
Detailed information about the content on the front page can be found here.
As you browse YTMND you may want to change your options to personalize the site.
When you choose to make a site you may refer to the Guide to Making YTMND sites that Don't Suck and then the Step by Step YTMND Creator Guide.
Voting on sites helps determine what content shows up around YTMND.
Leave feedback through comments on site profiles or the YTMND news or send messages to other users.
Confused about slang on YTMND? Look up the meaning of popular phrases.
Remember that registering alternate, or extra accounts, is strictly prohibited and may result in permanent deletion of your YTMND accounts or a ban from the site.
Most of all just avoid abusing any part of the YTMND system and you'll do all right.
Read about noteworthy YTMNDers, they make YTMND what it is today and will likely help you.

Visit the YTMND forums for more help.

YTMND Terms of Service
Privacy Policy

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