YTMND:For Gameboy

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For Gameboy
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Original YTMND:
YTMND: For Game Boy
by smoothmedia
October 30, 2005

YTMND for the Gameboy: A YTMND which follows a similar format of "Pokemon Red and Blue" versions for the original Game Boy. YTMND for Gameboy is in the Hall of Fame and has over one million views. This YTMND was soon followed by a downloadable flash version, in which the player can get challenged by some of the YTMND fads (like Jesus, Medeival Man, Sean Connery, and even Max Golberg, the owner of YTMND) while fighting with 3 other fads that can be selected. Sonic the Hedgehog, Brian Peppers, Doc Louis, and a taco are only a few of the selectable ones, each with a unique attack.

Flash Game

A playable version of it can be found at, with 15 characters.

Character list

See also

Watch the second version of YTMND: For Gameboy including more fads that were left out of the first edition.

Also, a similar concept, YTMND Kombat: Gameboy Edition.