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API Roadmap

The API will continue to progress depending on how much it is being used. If it turns out a lot of people find it helpful or request features and changes, it will be developed further.

v 0.5 - Sites and Users interfaces (current)

In beta, feature set is fairly static, just hammering out bugs at this point.

v 0.6 - Asset interface + csv/tab delimited/maybe RSS for certain methods

A full asset interface (which could provide a large amount of data that is not currently on the site. Possible new formats in CSV/TAB delimited for simple methods and method groups.

v 0.7 - Full search capabilities

A full interface for the search engine. Shouldn't be too hard really, but will have to incorporate methods from all of the other interfaces.

v 0.8 - in XML + keyword interface

Not even sure if /browse/ is worth it, as RSS feeds would probably be just as good and used more. Keyword interface would allow you to get keyword information, both on users and sites.

v 0.9 - Deal with feature requests, outstanding bugs, etc.

v 1.0 - finite date constraints, possible preference storage, multiple interface-request, limit constraints

The ability to get data on any given interface using date constraints. This would be spectacular for statistical data that is pertinent to a time line.

Preference storage could be used to set preferences for logged in ytmnd users who are using a remote application that uses the API.

Multiple interface requests means getting site-interface specific data for user sites or vice versa.