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YTMND API Method List

Make a note here about method inheritance. By calling "sponsors" on the sites interface, you are implicitly going to get "sponsors_summary" as well.

Same goes for "score" and "votes_by_day", "views_summary" and "views_by_day", *_summary etc.

Sites Interface


Method Limit per Request Description
assets 100 sites Asset information for a site
citations 100 sites Citations for a site
sponsors 50 sites Sponsorships on a site
favorites 25 sites Favorites on a site
comments 1 site Comments on a site
modifications 50 sites Modifications to a site
views_by_day 10 sites Views on a site in a given day
votes_by_day 10 sites Votes on a site in a given day

Method Groups

Method Limit per Request Methods implemented
basic 100 sites base, assets_thumb, score, views_summary
extended 50 sites base, assets, comments_summary, favorites_summary, sponsors_summary, score, views_summary
full 5 sites base, assets, citations, comments_summary, favorites, sponsors, votes_by_day, views_by_day

Users Interface