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{{iboriginal|supermarioxp|Super Mario XP}}
{{ibdate|April 2006|April 16, 2006}}
|title1=Sonic XP
|title2=Pacman XP
|title3=Kirby XP
|title4=Mario 3 XP
|title5=Ducktales XP
<!-- I know that paxmanxp is spelt all wrong, but it's right. -->
'''XP''' is a fad based on the operating system, '''Windows XP'''. The image in XP sites often only uses the maximize, restore, minimize, and close buttons found at the top right corner of a Windows XP window, or variations thereof. It is often made to seem like a sprite, often from a game from the 8-bit era. The sound is often music made from sounds and error messages from Windows XP, made to sound like music relating to the image.
{{Wikipedia|Microsoft_Windows_XP|Windows XP}}
*[http://whatisxpplusmusic.ytmnd.com/ What is XP?! (Now without drums)] <sub>([[What Is Love|fad]])</sub>
*[http://supermarioxp.ytmnd.com/ Super Mario XP]
*[http://marioxpbev.ytmnd.com/ Super Mario 3 XP]
*[http://sonicxp.ytmnd.com/ Sonic XP]
*[http://paxmanxp.ytmnd.com/ Pacman XP]
*[http://bubblebobblexp.ytmnd.com/ Bubble Bobble XP]
*[http://ducktalesxp.ytmnd.com/ Ducktales XP] <sub>([[Interpretation|fad]])</sub>
*[http://megamanxp.ytmnd.com/ Megaman XP]
*[http://kidicarusxp.ytmnd.com/ Kid Icarus XP]
*[http://balloonfightxp.ytmnd.com/ Balloon Fight XP]
*[http://neslinkxp.ytmnd.com/ Legend of Zelda XP]
*[http://chocoxp.ytmnd.com/ Final Fantasy XP]
*[http://smxpunderground.ytmnd.com/ Super Mario XP Underground]
*[http://castlevaniaxp.ytmnd.com/ Castlevania XP]
*[http://kirbyxp.ytmnd.com/ Kirby XP]
*[http://omgxp.ytmnd.com/ Meteor XP] <sub>([[Meteor|fad]])</sub>
*[http://nedmxp.ytmnd.com/ NEDM XP] <sub>([[NEDM|fad]])</sub>
*[http://tetrisxp.ytmnd.com/ Tetris XP]
*[http://priceisxp.ytmnd.com/ The Price is XP]

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