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Original YTMND:
Violin: You're the violin now dog  
Worthy spinoffs:

Violin is a forced alternate universe fad by user Basset-Hound which gained prominence after several $50 donations were made to his violin-themed sites by front page moderator SocialDemocracy. In Violin sites, pictures of violins are photoshopped into YTMND fads, and the music/sounds that the YTMND's use are replaced with music played by violins, or "violinized" versions of the fad music. The first violin site created by Basset-Hound was Violin: You're the violin now dog on December 16, 2006.

While it is likely that Violin is a satire of the overabundance of YTMND alternate universes (or simply lowbrow trolling), some other users have taken the fad seriously, and at least one Violin site has been made by a user other than Basset-Hound. (VIOLIN RAVE - a parody of LASER RAVE, which notably got donated $125 instead of $50 like the other Violin sites by SocialDemocracy)

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